Artist Statment

My love of photography began at a very young age,
I always loved going through my mother’s and
grandmother’s photo albums every chance I had.

Looking at those precious memories and hearing the
wonderful stories behind them was so fascinating to

I've been working for 4 years now, I never charged
for a single photograph until I had 1 year of my
associates degree under my belt. I take documenting
your memories very seriously and approach each session
as if these were my own memories!

I love seeing you guys coming back year after year, I
recently photographed my first Senior's Wedding, how
cool is that! I want to watch your kids grow up, and
help you capture all those important memories!

My goal for all of my sessions is to provide those
sweet, lasting memories that you’re going to cherish
for generations to come.

Whether that means that means chasing your kids
through a park, capturing all those giggles and
dirty knees, a timeless photo of your newborn baby
or a family portrait for your Christmas cards.





Vanessa Armstrong grew up in a tiny town of about
250 residents on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

She’s always had a passion for photography. It
began around age 9, when she got her first camera,
a hot pink 110 film camera.

After graduating from high school in 1999, Vanessa
enlisted in the United States Air Force and worked

During her 10 year stint in the Air Force, Vanessa
continued to purse her love of photography while
being stationed in Arizona, California, Japan and

In 2009, after separating from the Air Force she
decided to purse her education in photography at
Washtenaw Community College and start her own
portrait business.